I love promoting people, organizations, & products relating to awakening and healing.  I promote only those with whom I have personally been impressed by the quality and care of their services.    ~ Deborah Saunders 



Deep Recovery is a powerful brain entrainment meditation tool that really can form an essential part of an ongoing spiritual and healing practice.  I think you’ll really want to try this for yourself.

You don’t have to be recovering from an addiction to benefit from the healing field this CD (or digital download) offers!

Deep Recovery consists of two 33-minute tracks of entrainment designed music created by master composer, Leigh Spusta. The first 33-minute track features a guided meditation and visualization by John Dupuy that lasts for about 12 minutes.

As a favor to yourself, just take a few minutes, go to the link provided above, scroll down the page a bit, and listen to the sample of the guided meditation with the entrainment sounds.

The second track features the same powerful entrainment sounds but without the guided meditation. The guided meditation is designed to take you into the depths where healing and transformation happen.

Click the image above to find Deep Recovery.


healing-lightInspired by the request for audio tracks to help address Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Eric Thompson created Healing Light ~ Music that Transmits the Frequencies of Sunshine and Spiritual Light.

I’ve only just begun to listen to this CD.  I love the flute.

Here’s a comment by someone who’s been listening longer than I have:

“It was simply amazing! In the area of the country I live in, most people are Vitamin D3 deficient. In the winter months I go to work in the dark, and get home when it is dark. Healing Light was a wonderful way to supplement my D3, and the healing light aspect is a wonderful relaxer. When played as background music, my birds would sing along with the tracks…” 

~ Cynthia Entringer



This promotion has been extended through September 4th.  Click this link or on the image below to find out more.

See the note from John Dupuy & the iAwake Team below the image link.


This is simply a stupendous product and I encourage all of you to try these tracks as soon as possible. The tracks are named Focus, Calm, and Joy. To really feel their power, I recommend you use them back to back to back — in other words, an hour and a half meditation session. And then you can nominate iAwake Technologies and Eric Thompson for the Nobel Peace Prize. Kidding aside, they’re really that good.

So, use them, share them, and together we’ll keep rolling back the darkness and rolling in the light waves of healed and transformed lives.

What a thing to be a part of. I am so grateful.

With great love,

John Dupuy and the iAwake Team
















Click here or on the image above to learn more about NeuroStrength.


Audio Chi

Play Audio Chi at low volume or silently all day long.  The more you play it, the more deeply invigorated you will feel.iAwake-Audio-Chi

Click the image to order!

This energizing download/CD can be used to . . .

  • Create invigorating energy fields in any environment
  • Boost your energy and enthusiasm
  • Recharge your mind and body during lunch or after work
  • Significantly activate and deepen your qigong, Tai Chi or yoga practice
  • Help instill whole-body bliss during meditation and exercise
  • Complement your emotional release practices
  • Experience an exhilarating natural high
  • Balance the chakras deeply and easily
  • Re-establish and renew inner harmony
  • Complement your work with Profound Meditation Program by enjoying the stress-relieving, rejuvenative states of consciousness facilitated with this CD

Heartwave Meditation



“These results indicate that listening to the iawake Heartwave Meditation improves ones energetic field related to physical and emotional well-being.”

~ Lisa Tully, Ph.D.


A New Discovery in Meditation Technology for Engaging the Heart

Why opening the energetic heart is the missing ingredient in maximizing meditation’s capacity for quieting the mind, unlocking your purpose and fulfilling your highest potential.


Click the image to learn more.




HeartWave Meditation

I highly recommend the iAwake binaural beat technology  to all my students who feel they cannot meditate.  And, they’re so delighted when “they discover they really can.”  ~ Deborah Saunders 
Profound Meditation Program Demo


Schumann Holophonic

iAwake-Schumann-HolophonicWhat is it?  The Schumann resonance refers to a resonance that was named after a gentleman by the last name of Schumann… The fundamental Schumann resonance is the overall average pulse rate that exists in the cavity between the Earth and the Earth’s ionosphere.

It’s the average of all the lightning activity that’s happening around the globe. It creates this pulsing effect that’s the Schumann resonance.

What’s really very interesting about this is that there’s been some profound research that implicates the Schumann resonance, which is 7.83 Hz, and happens to fall into the human brainwave spectrum. Actually, right at the juncture between alpha and theta…

Here, try it for yourself.  Click on the image and scroll down the page to experience a short audio clip for yourself before you purchase the CD or download.



Harmonic Resonance Meditation

This program features a unique biofield and brainwave entrainment formula designed to help you experience:

  • Deep calm
  • Profound relaxation
  • Centering
  • A sense of prayer…stillness
  • A sense of the holy

iAwake-Harmonic-ResonanceFrom what I understand, much of the brainwave entrainment technology tends to be either music or a nature soundtrack pasted over binaural beats albeit a few take the soundtrack and create isotonic beats in the soundtrack itself. The cut-and-paste technique can be effective, however, I’m not certain about the ability to elicit deeper states consistently. With the Harmonic Resonance Meditation, iAwake has taken the brainwave entrainment technology to a different level.

Here’s a quote from iAwake’s Eric Thompson to explain:

“What we did with this is we went into the soundtrack itself, and we changed the waveforms of the actual music itself in such a way that some of them are modulated in sync with specific brainwave patterns. I added this component in addition to our normal, what we’re calling now, triple pulse binaural signals which are, as far as I know, unique to us, in some of the rhythmic panning that we do.”

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  1. I started listening to the Profound Meditation Starter Kit several months ago. Almost immediately I noticed a decrease in my anxiety. Over time I feel that there has been a calming and at the same time energizing effect for me. I also listen to Schumann Holophonic & Heartwave Meditation. Overall I feel these products helped me a great deal to turn the corner from a long period of feeling contracted and stuck. I highly recommend IAwake products!

    Posted on April 25, 2014 at 10:02 am
    Nancy Helland says

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