Deborah Saunders
Holistic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Self-Discovery Facilitator & Eternal Student of Life

A Soul Connection
It is both the name of my healing practice and the umbrella under which all classes, groups, workshops, and other events are offered.  My office is located in  Graham WA (in a serene country setting with gorgeous valley & mountain views).  The services I offer through A Soul Connection also extend beyond my physical location through the amazing opportunities of technology.  A large percentage of my client-base is through telephone and Skype; and, I periodically offer teleclasses and telegroups which meet over a bridgeline through teleconference services.

  • Holistic Practitioner — uses a whole-being consciousness perspective; offers complementary healing modalities
  • Energy Healer — Works with subtle energy, frequencies of awareness, and vibrational medicine including Integrated Kabbalistic Healing (IKH)®, Soul Expressions Dialogue®, therapeutic-grade essential oils (Young Living® Distributor 959450)
  • Develops the curriculum design and content for Self-Discovery Classes Etc.® offered through A Soul Connection at various venues locally and internationally through tele-classes.
  • Small Group Facilitator — New Beginnings: Kabbalah Groupwork; Master-Heart-Mind Business/Life Inquiry Groups; and Personal self-discovery/study groups

Laying the Ground for My Work

My career encompassed twenty-seven years experience and responsibilities focused in maintaining cohesiveness in a variety of service organizations.  So many opportunities opened up for me over the years laying a remarkable foundation for my life’s work.  My perception today is very clear as to why this foundation was laid so naturally.  I have always had an innate ability (1) to perceive individuals’ human potential beyond what they felt possible; and (2) an understanding of the organic nature of the interconnectivity of people and their organizations, businesses, and communities.

The Unfolding

Along my soul’s journey I’ve met and learned from wonderful teachers, many who did not realize the impact their presence had on me, my personal growth and self-discovery.  My interest in spirituality, specifically in the mystical traditions, consumed many years of study and exploration.  The adage “when one is ready, the teacher will show up” was true for me.  My teachers and their schools/traditions are listed below:

Diamond Heart Approach study and practice (since 2006) with Hameed Ali and his teachers in San Rafael CA.

Body Dialogue® II Facilitators Training/Certification with Judith Tamar Stone  (Apr 2006).

Big Mind® — Study with Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel, Roshi. Authorization for integrating Big Mind into healing practice (Nov 2005).

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing® graduate from 3-year school (Jun 2003), A Society of Souls, with founder/teacher Jinen Jason Shulman. Completed 2-years advanced work with him after graduation (2003-2005).

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